Edward Santos

New York, New York, United States

Project Manager, Santos Strategies

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Edward Santos is a strategist and a seasoned project/program manager residing in New York City. Currently, Edward is a project manager, managing clinical trials at TrialSpark, a biotechnology startup, focused on bringing life-saving treatments to patients faster. In 2018, Edward became an Asana Certified Professional, selected to work with customers and clients across multiple companies to help them implement, learn, and use Asana with their teams.

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Edward is a project management consultant across multiple organizations, streamlining processes and optimizing systems that include high-volume hiring to the construction of new offices. Edward has worked in various industries helping support different process and workflow optimizations as well as the creation of change management systems in highly-regulated industries like clinical trials and education.

Whether it's full-scope project planning or single-team work requests and ticketing systems, Edward is apt to be able to work with your organization to support your Asana implementation needs.

Learn more: www.edwardnsantos.com