Dariusz Lis

Łódź, Łódzkie, Poland

Innovation Consultant, InnoMentors

Available for:

I help leaders shape their organizations to be move productive, agile and predictable.


I'm focusing on:
- design thinking & change management,
- continues improvement & learning organization,
- shaping an organization to become more agile & lean
- developing strategy & defining culture,
- unleashing a creative potential of your staff,
I managed people & innovation in IT / software organizations.
I'm Agile & Lean coach and a strong believer of combining interpersonal skills with the process and product development skills.
Combine business development with technical software background with organizational Change Management, Continues Improvement and coaching.

On technical solutions and consulting I was also implementing enterprise PLM, ALM, IoT software solutions throughout various industries including Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, through High-Tech & Electronics.
On the organizational change management efforts, I was leading transformations in the area of product development for industries ranging from Heavy Industrial customer to Creative Art studios.

I hold MSc Computer Science and Executive MBA and those experiences help me to understand both worlds of domain experts/creatives and business owners.