Hailey Mortimore

Springfield, Massachusetts, United States

Asana Certified Pro and Online Automation and Research Specialist, Hailey Mortimore Consulting

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I work with clients to maximize efficiency and structure in their project management and operations. My specialty is working with small and medium sized organizations to adopt Asana or go beyond the basics.


In addition to being an Asana Certified Pro, I'm also an automation specialist. This means, that I connect Asana to tools and applications your business already uses to reduce the time consuming and manual work. By leveraging Zapier to create automated workflows, I help clients gain back ~5 hours per week.

I found my love of Asana, research, and automaton through my work in the startup and neuroscience research world. I have a proven record of working with clients to build individualized and automated workflows with their existing applications, so they can spend less time on the bane and more time on their business.