Honza Páv

Prague, Czechia


Available for:

I help small teams to work seamlessly no matter what kind of work they do. My role is to guide them through a mindset shift – from a chaos to organized but still lightweight setup. Everything I do with Asana is tested on my businesses (brand building consultancy, research agency and SaaS research tool development).


I provide companies and individuals with consultancy services, onboarding training, setting up advanced workflows – all in Asana. It is possible to work in-person or remote (both phone and video).

In each project, I want to understand the needs and the context at first. Afterwards, I can propose an ideal way to solve a problem (to implement Asana in the team, to improve communication or efficiency etc). I am always interested in feedback and success indicators.

My experience is based on 13 years (and still counting) in marketing services working with both small teams and corporations. I have experience with remote teams (and also believe that to best practises for remote work are the best in general).

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