Aron Markowitz

Brooklyn, New York, United States

CEO, Rethink and Execute Inc.

Available for:

I am the CEO of "Rethink and Exceute Inc" Setting up Small Business Coordination, by taking the GTD method and customizing it to your company via ASANA

I mastered “GTD Via ASANA Team Implementation” as the COO for a Developer/Construction Co., where I successfully trained over 100 employees, fortunately, while working with various types of vendors they observed how the team stayed on top of their tasks, such as never forgetting follow-ups or being present at meetings (mind like water), those vendors asked me to set them up the same way.


Will set up your team with "the art of stress-free Task/Project Management" by customizing for you ASANA per the Getting Things Done (GTD) concept so the whole team will be able to.

CAPTURE all commitments in a trusted place outside their head, CLARIFY the desired outcome and the very next action,
ORGANIZE reminders of these actions in Lists (i.e. Waiting For, Meeting, Job/Building site), so everyone will always know on what to
ENGAGE at any given time, and most importantly how to
REFLECT on your list on a weekly basis to make sure it’s clear, current, and complete, and nothing falls through the cracks.