Barbara Ramirez

Bogota, Distrito Capital de Bogotá, Colombia

Asana best practices, Goal tracking, Strategic planning, Training - virtual/remote

I Manage Projects & Teams Remotely, My Virtual Partnr

Hello, My name is Barbara Ramirez 👋

I’m an Experienced Remote Executive Assistant | Managing Projects & Teams Remotely.

I'm a productivity and management expert, I work with people and organizations all over the world, helping them design, implement and maintain a very organized system that fits with their needs, based 100% on Asana.

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I take very seriously the smart work and keeping constant learning as one of our main passions.

I help small business and entrepreneurs get their business on track with the use of Asana:
✔️Creating a company wiki site to document processes and all Asana projects needed in order to keep order and accountability.
✔️Review the current Asana structure and help to organize it using Asana's best practices.
✔️Provide training for you and your team in the best use of Asana and any process or improvement implemented, most of the training is On-line using Zoom, but I do also provide On-site if you are located in Bogota D.C., or any city in the country Colombia.

🔴Youtube Channel with some training using Asana (currently in Spanish, soon in English)
👩‍💻Roadmap for productivity (This is our favorite bundle with 3 templates on Asana: Roadmap for productivity, Annual planning, Weekly planning. The best way to make your plans and keep yourself and your team accountable.)
👩‍💻VIRTUAL ASSISTANT Business Launch (I created this project in Asana from our own research and experience while we were building our business and now we want you to have it)

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