Bastien Siebman

Annecy, Rhône-Alpes, France

Asana best practices, Getting started, Onboarding new users, Productivity - individual

Asana Certified Pro, #1 contributor on the Asana Community, minimalist-work

I am known for being kind, dynamic, motivated and... organized! Asana is my secret tool. I am an Asana Certified pro who helped clients all around the world. I published thousands of answers on the Asana online community, making me the #1 contributor in the world and two times member of the month. I also published three books about Asana, created a team of Asana virtual assistants, and released a dozen of tools around Asana. My passion for minimalism and productivity lead me to create And I almost forgot: I am also a full-time web developer.


- Asana Certified Pro, ex-Asana Champion
- #1 contributor on the Asana official community
- 2 times "Member of the month" of the Asana official community
- Author of three Asana related books
- Founder of Templana, Asana Experts, Asana Assistants, Asana Tags and many more tools and services
- Asana API expert