David Jane

Olot, Girona, Catalunya, Spain

Asana best practices, Agile development, Time management, Departmental focus: Product

CoFounder, Volcanic Internet

Co-founder at Volcanic Internet, a software development studio based in Olot, Girona. At Volcanic we develop custom solutions for small and medium sized companies to improve the efficiency of their processes and grow the reach of their online channels.


I have been working on the IT industry since the late 90's being involved in the birth and growth of several startup projects. Since 2009 along with my partner Jordi we created Volcanic Internet to become a strategic partner for our clients to take advantage of custom software solutions to improve their efficiency.

Amongst other solutions we've been heavily using Asana for the past 5 years and its amazing features and simplicity to use helped us to manage our company as well as having successful interactions with our key clients.

Many of our clients have requested Volcanic for advise and help when it comes to introducing productivity tools and Asana has always been our go-to choice.

Wether it is a small team or a big company Asana can be set up to become a real productivity hub that boosts every team efficency and success.

If you have any doubts or just want to hear some situations we've dealt in the past with Asana I'll be glad to hear you.