Millor Machado

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil

CEO, Idea2Growth

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Automation engineer, started my career as an intern at A.T. Kearney where I developed lots of analytical skills.

After that, founded and sold one startup, focused in creating content for small business owners.

Than, I worked for 3 years as Operations Manager for a NGO founded by Jorge Paulo Lemann, Beto Sicupira and Marcel Telles, founders of 3G Capital (know for their ownership in AB-Inbev, KraftHeinz and Burguer King).

This experiences helped me navigate in both Startup and Traditional Management environments, where I learned to help lots of different teams achieving more results.


My consulting methodology is based in the GPS.

Part 1 - Destination
If I don't set the correct address, I'll never reach my destination. That's why the first part is based in goal setting, getting very specific in how the metrics are going to be measured.

Part 2 - Route
After that, we set the route, represented by a list of actions that need to be executed in order to get to the destination.

With that in mind, we have a very strong focus in what are the next steps that need to be done.

Part 3 - Updates
When you begin to drive, the GPS needs to constantly update your position (expected vs. real results) and review if the route needs to be corrected.

This part is delivered via weekly follow-up regarding the results and progress of the action plan. If the results are not getting achieved, we update the plan and restart the learning cycle.

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Goal setting, Agile methodologies, Process mapping