Michael P. Chenier

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Productivity - team, Change management - large teams, Operational process improvement, Change management - small teams

Principal, Arore Communications

Arore Communications has been working exclusively with ASANA for ten years across many industry sectors, including tech companies, magazine publishing, marketing agencies, website development firms, engineering, non-profit organisations and many more. ASANA is extremely useful in all business sectors and Arore Communications can help get your entire team working together towards a common objective.


Arore Communications is a marketing company with 25 years experience in business communication, strategy and project management.

Communication, strategy, efficient project management and fierce audacity are integral components in any successful project or business. Many brilliant ideas fade, dreams dissipate, and we fall short of our objective when momentum stalls through complacency and lack of execution.

When your ideas are translated into actions, momentum is created in your business. Momentum builds momentum and drives your objectives.

Arore Communications will work with you to reach your goals by assisting you in precisely defining your business objectives and target audience while identifying possible obstacles and creating a strategy to reach your goals.

Arore builds momentum.