Salman, Khwaja

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Manager Application Security | SecDevOps, TPS Pakistan Pvt. Limited

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I am a passionate person who loves to work on Tech, People and Processes. Been into the area of Process Improvement for nearly a decade.

With over a decade of experience in Quality Assurance, Information System Audits and Information Security, I am a seasoned professional in different work-flows related to Business, Sales, Human Resources, Operational Work-flows, CRMs and ERP.

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Hi I am Salman, Khwaja.

Your one stop go to Asana Certified Pro Consultant with over 10 years of professional work experience of bringing operational awesomeness to the way People, Process, and Technology comes together.

I would be providing you the ways, how ASANA could be used to define your organization's work into one central piece of information, where you will convert your

1. Company Goals
2. Strategic Information Assets
3. HR Related processes like New Hire On boarding,
4. Weekly re occurring meetings, one on one meetings, Team meetings, Consolidate Meeting Minutes
5. IT Related Support processes like Bug life Cycle, Support Management Systems
6. Team Management
7. Campaign Management
8. Editorial Calendar
9. Event Planning
10. and everything you need to keep track off

into doable, traceable work items and they could all be forecast, projected and transformed into dollar value.

Services Include
- Provide assistance to reap full benefits from what Asana has to offer
- Assess you unique environment, challenges, problems, pain points
- Design or port your existing workflows into Asana
- Create plans with you to deploy Asana into your organization
- Provide ASANA trainings to your users giving ASANA best practices

If you do want to give ASANA a spin, do come in touch with me using my LinkedIn Profile and give a go ahead for my consultation advice.

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NOTE: Discounts are approved by Asana, so I cannot guarantee eligibility.

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Available for:


Change Management, Workflows, Team Management, Newsletter Publishing, Social Media Management, Implementing Agile