Carlos Salomon

Puebla, Puebla, Mexico

Storyteller, Marketing ISD

Available for:

Storyteller, with experience working in the entertainment industry. Today, helping brands create meaningful content, and experiences.


Everything starts with the relationship between a story and its audience. Then my gig is to help brands, create a marketing ecosystem in which they can share a consistent and meaningful message to their clients. Usually we work with people in the entertainment, tech, food, or beverages industries.

How we achieve these goals, is by using several techniques from the music biz. An example is an artist trying to identify their fans, super fans, and general audience for that we need to identify their habits and lifestyle to develop content that fits those criteria.
Lastly, we like being transparent with our offers and the way we use investments to create results.

Ps... Asana is a key tool to help coordinate, and manage efforts in a complex campaign. The less time you spend managing, the more time you can spend creating.