Aerlie Wildy

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Business Improvement Stratgist, Aerlie Wildy

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I’m a Business Systems Strategist & CEO Mentor.
I guide small business owners and entrepreneurs to transition from doing #allthethings to having supportive systems and structure in their business, giving them the freedom and flexibility to make an impact.
I can help you put your CEO hat on, get clear on what business looks like without you doing everything, and create the structure and systems you need to outsource and improve.
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There isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to simplifying business processes and system strategies. Sure, the same programs and systems are often used, but how they are used will depend on your business.

The areas of your business I focus on are:
👉Time management and productivity

👉Task and project management

👉Your planning & goal setting

👉Your client experience

👉Outsourcing strategy

👉Your Operations Hub

👉Online Tools - Simplified

👉Creating consistent content

👉Launching & Scaling

Here’s how you can work with me…
Systems & Operations Audit
Systems matter!
Set up your business to run smoothly so that you can optimise the effort and energy you put into your business.
In the 90 min Systems & Operations Audit we’ll go through all of the key areas of your business including:

✏️your project management and to do system
✏️your onboading & client management system
✏️your content processes
✏️how you manage your information (Inbox, files, sticky notes! etc)
✏️team management systems
✏️your strategic planning system
✏️your tools

You’ll receive a report and action plan for you to use to organise and streamline your business, as well as a step by step checklist, so that you know where to start.
We’ll meet for 90 mins, and I’ll provide you with the report within 3-4 days of our meeting.

Your investment: $250 AUD

Smooth Operator
This package focusses on getting your business out of your head and designing the foundations you and your business need to thrive.

Once you’ve completed the Systems & Operations Audit, you’ll have an action plan to help you set up your business systems, and streamline your operations.

Now we can create it!
By the end of 6x60min sessions, you will have:

✏️a 90 Day Business Planning template, and tracking of your key metrics set up
✏️a weekly schedule that doesnt make you feel constricted and leaves time for creativity
✏️a weekly CEO process that gives you the bird’s eye view of all of the moving parts of your business
✏️a business hub for your operations and team task management
✏️a VA in place with the tasks outlined, and processes to follow to ensure your business can still run smoothly
✏️a streamlined client onboarding system, and client management processes mapped out
✏️a task management and productivity system that doesn’t feel like you have to work 24/7

This package also includes 2 hours of ‘done for you’ set up by my team, templates & relevant checklists, and video trainings for you to refer back to.

Your investment: $1500 AUD


You need to complete your Systems & Operations Audit first, so that we have a clear plan and priorities.
Your messaging and marketing for your service business, need to be established. I’m not a marketing strategist. If you’re not sure about this, book a Clarity Call with me and we can get into further details.
Book in the Systems & Operations Audit to get this process started today.

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Asana for solo entrepreneurs, setting up for outsourcing, Productivity