Danielle Phillips

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Departmental focus: Design, Project management, Operational process improvement, Workflow development

Consultant, Danielle Phillips Consulting

I work with growing agencies to develop systems and tech stacks that improve workflows and organizational efficiency.


My Approach:
Using inherent curiosity plus methodologies acquired from managing creative projects, I work closely with you to fully understand your organization’s primary services, existing processes, pain points, and goals. Listening to your hot takes first-hand of what’s going well and what is not is imperative to help you grow. This ongoing inquisition helps answer the question that drives every step of the process:
Will this get us closer to our goal?

My work happens at the intersection of people and technology. Empathy and intuition are, at a minimum, as necessary to your Business Process Design as are the workflows and requirements. A system your team does not use is a waste, and I only want to work on projects where you net an ROI from our engagement. By centering this project around those interacting with this system daily, you are better positioned to turn your team of users into advocates.