Lauren Pawell

Denver, Colorado, United States

Founder & Owner, Bixa Media

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I help business owners (and their teams) generate, nurture & qualify more leads online.

I believe in focusing on high-impact marketing efforts, so you don’t waste time or money on tactics that won’t drive real results. Case in point? That time I generated $262,822.58 in sales for a client using only 9 emails.


I started out my career working in medical devices in Belgium, where we did marketing the “old fashioned” way.

Ready to get with the times, I moved to London to train with a digital agency where I worked on online campaigns for companies like NFL Madden Superstars.

At the time, I remember thinking: “Why don’t small businesses have access to this kind of digital strategy & expertise? It would be a game-changer for the way they secure new customers!”

So I moved across the pond to start my own online marketing business.

I’m obsessed with adventure, freedom & taking charge of your own naturally, I became an entrepreneur.

My clients often refer to me as their “secret weapon”. My unique background gives me the ability to sit at the intersection of design, technology & marketing.

I have a less is more approach & am on a mission to simplify digital marketing.

The #1 question my clients ask is: “How do I get more business online?”

Through my speaking, training & consulting, I help businesses generate more leads, better leads & more sales-ready leads by creating more value out of their existing online assets.

I firmly believe that when you master lead generation, lead qualification & lead can design a business & a life that you love.

And, in my humble opinion, the world needs more amazing entrepreneurs with businesses & lives they love...because they make this planet a better place.