Clarisa Lucciarini

Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay

Digital marketing, Productivity - team, Productivity - individual, Asana best practices

Digital Transformation Expert, Nubi

I'm passionate about improving the user experience from any point of view: productivity, marketing, sales, customer experience, entertainment and even your own lifestyle.


We are transitioning from the age of information to the age of participation, where USER EXPERIENCE is key. That's why I consider myself a human-centered experience designer above all, regardless of the format or technology.

I work with quantitative data of the digital footprint and empathy-based qualitative research: before advertiser, creative, entrepreneur, geek or whatever they might call me, I'm a user like everybody else.

I believe this task is crucial nowadays and will gain relevance as the internet keeps connecting people, objects and data to the cloud. User experience will be the only differential any product or service can offer.