Josias Lopez

Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala

Digital marketing, Time management, Asana best practices, Operational process improvement

Marketing & Entreprenurship,

I am an experienced ecommerce & logistics entrepreneur and digital marketing expert.
I think that for individuals and companies time is one of the most valuable assets. So we have to be as productive as we can, while keeping balance in our lives.
That's why I love to use and implement Asana


I am certified expert in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads & Asana. I have experience creating strategies and running hundreds of digital campaings, covering the content, audience, placements and bidding strategies.
I also have experience leading local ecommerce and logistics companies.

One common denominator I have found in startups and medium companies is caos in communication, coordination and execution. I have tried many different project and task management tools along the last years and I strongly belive Asana is the best tool for many companies and industries. I compare it to a blank canvas with a powerful backend to ensure the execution of the plans.

Of course there are a lot of best practices, use of conventions and know how you need to have in order to create the rigth processes. Asana use is only a reflection of such processes.