Michael Pelletier

Austin, Texas, United States

Goal tracking, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Business Operations, Strategic planning

Founder & CEO, Scaling Operations LLC

20+ years of experience building effective teams across a variety of industries and Organizations: from Tech to manufacturing, large international corporations to start-ups and everything in-between. I transitioned to independent consulting in 2018 and offer a broad spectrum of services including Fractional COO, Strategy planning & execution, Organization design, Process engineering, Team building & Leadership coaching.
Living in Austin, I find myself working with e-commerce start-ups, established medium-to-large businesses, manufacturers, and private equity firms.


I started using asana with my team as the solution to bring complete task management, transparency, and accountability when we transitioned to a Holacracy structure. The benefits asana brings to how a team collaborates are endless and its open framework makes it the most versatile tool in your management arsenal.
I can help with the initial solution qualification (is this the right solution for your needs?), Initial framework and process flow design, deployment, and training.
I have helped deploy Asana in Organizations with as many as 130 initial users and use it every day for OKRs deployment and tracking, Cross-departmental projects, Tactical meetings & tasks management, Talent coaching, Business Intelligence knowledge base, ticketing system, and just about everything in my personal organization.