Richard Sather

Athens, Attiki, Greece

Operational process improvement, Project management, Training - in-person, Workflow development

Certified Pro, Studio 7

As a Senior Architect, apart from designing buildings, I also enjoy designing workflows in Asana for teams & organisations and training them to use Asana for coordinating and managing their projects to successfully reach their goals.

Fluent in English and Greek.


Having already implemented and designed numerous workflows in Asana for a large architectural team that successfully managed to complete the design of a high-profile infrastructure project, my services now include sharing this know-how and designing workflows for teams involved with various market sectors, not just design and engineering.

I can help you learn how to reduce internal email or get rid of it entirely, as well as help you visualise your projects, goals and deadlines and provide overall clarity throughout the team, eradicate duplicated work, boost morale and improve the team's performance by minimising the time spent on anything but the work itself.