Jeremy Angus

Houston, Texas, United States

Operational process improvement, Remote working processes, Workflow development, Asana best practices

Business Solutions Consultant, Guardian Services

The combination of 20+ years of business experience and a masters degree in psychology has allowed me to work with small businesses in the Greater Houston area to find new and innovative solutions to help their company grow while reducing their stress. Now as a Certified Pro with Asana, I have been able to provide my clients with the tools they need to track and accomplish their professional goals while not sacrificing their mental well being.


Hello I am Jeremy Angus, Owner of Guardian Services

For 15 years I worked at my family owned tax firm Guardian Tax Service learning the in and outs of business with my grandparents. Under their guidance I developed skills as a tax consultant, bookkeeper, payroll manager, and business strategist. Wanting to set out on my own, I pursued a degree in psychology as the people side of my work always fascinated me. This lead me to the field of School Psychology, which focused on helping teachers understand students with various disabilities while also developing strategies to maximize the success of these students.

For nearly a decade I worked as a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology across all grade levels, but missed the entrepreneurial world. Returning to the business world showed me just how similar the Teacher/Student relationship was to the Manager/Employee one. Utilizing similar strategies from the school world, I have been able to help develop solid relationships between business leaders and those under their guidance. It has also allowed me to a strong advocate for individuals with disabilities attempting to enter to workplace and seek meaningful employment. As a disabled person myself (Legally Blind) this has become a strong passion of mine over the past few years.

My experience and training in both business development and Psychology has proven to be a indispensable combination in assisting my clients. Specializing in systems design, client relations, employee behavior management, and business strategy, I assist my clients in utilizing Asana throughout all aspects of their business. With extensive knowledge in the brains learning pathways, Asana can be utilized to not only provide simple guides for your employees to follow daily, but gives you a strong understanding of the inner-workings of your own business as well.

Together with Asana we can unlock the full potential of your company as we guide it into the future, while taking the necessary steps to avoid overwhelming your employees and maximizing their productivity.