Felix Gallardo

Lima, Lima, Peru

Agile Connect 360

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Hi! I am Felix!
I am passionate about Operational Excellence, the fundamentals of continuous improvement, methodologies and cutting-edge tech solutions (like Asana obviosuly!).
I am convinced that profound changes in companies occur only when we can genuinely connect and conquer heart and minds of our employees with the great business objectives.


In these years I have trained and advised dozens of multicultural teams and hundreds of people in fundamentals and techniques of the lean and agile universe, both to improve the operational performance of their companies as well as their productivity as a team and as individuals.

In recent years, as a personal life purpose, I have focused on help to improve the productivity of teams (especially remote ones), so that despite all the circumstances such as the current pandemic, they always remain connected between their members and with the objectives of the companies where they work. I am convinced that Asana is a great tool to achieve this!

My services include:
1) Advice to eliminate all the all the factors that negatively impact the productivity of our workers: overwork, doing by doing, overtime, unnecessary meetings, etc.) ("how to become lean").
2) Training in the fundamentals of the Lean and Agile worlds to increase the productivity of the teams ("from lean to agile") with low resistance to change.
3) Advice to implement Asana, either on a large scale or in specific teams, as a tool to ensure and sustain what has been achieved in the two previous points ("from agile to champion").

I love fundamentals and methods because they are the basis for change, but I am convinced that if they are not accompanied by the adoption of a cutting-edge solution (such as Asana), it is impossible to ensure sustainability in this type of change process.

Feel comfortable connecting with me to know your needs, your pain ... I am sure I can help you and add value to your organization from the first interaction.

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Spanish, English


Workflows, Time Management, Remote Work, Process Improvement, Agile, Lean, Productivity