Alvina Quek

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Operational process improvement, Getting started, Departmental focus: Design, Training - in-person

Experience Designer,

Asana has been with me on every project & virtually every other aspect of my special kind of crazy and a favourite member of my family. I cannot wait to introduce you.

Unjamming "pinch points" with Ideas Aplenty but Resource Challenged Creatives, Designers, Producers & their Teams in the Communications, Design, Wellness & Corporate space, who are motivated by their intention to be of service has been, and is my zone of genius.


An Experience Designer for the last decade, I spend my days...and nights dreaming up new ways to combine cutting edge technology with old school tricks in the service of wonder.

Big and Complex into Personal and Gorgeous.

Together with award winning Architectural and Design Firms, in Public Consultations, International Festivals and National Conferences, I produce simple, emotionally nuanced solutions and experiences .

Experiences, which online or off seamlessly deliver on a company's brand promise and remind people who they are (on time and on budget)...And I wrangle every little detail with Asana.

Stuck in workflow traffic to a relaxing convertible - worthy journey, I help people to:
BRAKE: Understand & streamline organizational projects, processes & workflows
ROADMAP: Strategize, Design & Build Asana Boards/ Lists which clear bottlenecks & overlaps for your business, clients & collaborators
DRIVE: Moving the “behavioural needle” on Asana buy in and how best to integrate existing file sharing / timekeeping/ invoicing / emails / apps
PARK: Develop and Maintain Best Practises Habits & Templates