William Valdez

AsunciĆ³n, AsunciĆ³n, Paraguay

Productivity - team, Change management - small teams, Departmental focus: Engineering, Change management - large teams


I am an entrepreneur and an electronic engineer. I love to help people to become more productive and keep and eye in all the projects.


With +10 years of experience in business with private corporations and with government organizations I've found Asana as the best tool for almost all the different part of the work to be done in one company.

I truly believe that is a tool that deserve to be shared with all the people, and with it, all of us can improve our work and spend more time in the things that matter the most.

That's why I love Asana, and helping people to become more productive, provide faster response to their customer without loosing any detail.

I provide consulting services, process setup, Asana Setup, and trainings.