Lyon, France

Asana Training Consultant, https://julien-renaud.com/en/

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Hi I'm Julien
- I have 12 years of team management in several companies
- I'm keen of project management and collaboration
- I followed numerous trainings followed in communication, management, organization, personal efficiency, ...
- I'm always looking for ways to progress

I'm Asana Forum Champion and Asana Certified Pro.

🖥 https://julien-renaud.com/en/

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One day I discovered Asana…
Today more than 200 colleagues have an account in my company.

I have managed the whole deployment of Asana, on several sites with different departments and in several countries: training, communication, change management, ...

More than 2 years of daily coaching experience with Asana users has allowed me to gain a great experience with Asana for a wide range of uses: HR, Finance, Marketing, R&D, IT, After Sales, ...

Do you use Asana or plan to deploy this collaborative tool? Do you want to be able to use it better? and for your teams to be efficient? Then I can accompany you as an Asana expert and consultant (training, audit, support).

Don't hesitate to contact me!