Thomas Rödl

Schopfheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

CEO and Business Analyst, Tom Solid Consulting

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My name is Dr. Thomas Roedl.

I worked in big pharma for 7+ years in Business and Manufacturing IT.

During this time I was responsible for the conception, development, and implementation of a very efficient and user-friendly request and service IT tool which enabled a huge increase in overall efficiency (60% with the same headcount).

This led to a new position as a Business Analyst and team leader in Manufacturing IT helping to improve project and HR management efficiency by implementing Asana. This resulted in an increase of productivity of 45% with the same headcount (60+ people).

I am also known as Tom Solid, the founder of the #PaperlessMovement and CEO of Tom Solid Consulting. In this position, I run a very successful productivity YouTube channel ( and membership website (


My experience in big industry, working for a company with 100k+ employees, and my entrepreneurial expertise enables me to easily grasp new concepts and to rapidly acquaint myself with new subjects and issues, understand new content and correlations, and integrate these effectively and flexibly into improved or new workflows.

I focus on minimalism, and my ultimate goal is to establish a single source of truth for your team or company.

In order to accomplish this, I will analyze your existing tools and find ways to integrate them into Asana to avoid duplication of tasks and information. I am also able to convince your employees that work will be fun again, once they get rid of the time-consuming search for information, back and forth discussions, and meetings.

With the implementation of Asana, your employees/team members will also be able to work remotely with no impact on overall performance.

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English, German


Technology, Team Management, Paperless Office, Productivity, Efficiency, Agile Thinking