Larry Berger

San Francisco, California, United States

Asana Certified Pro Consultant, Trilogi Solutions

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Not sure where to start? Stuck? Want to unlock Asana basic and advanced secrets? No time to read all the Asana docs?

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What I Offer

Organized, efficient, and productive define my clients' success.

Solutions from simple to complex include training and user onboarding to ensure best practices take hold.

Tailored workflow design and powerful, off-the-shelf and custom integrations where needed allow you to achieve the specific results you need with the minimum overhead.

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Larry created the popular Asana2Go app, is expert in Asana usage, workflows, and API since 2012, and is an active beta tester for major Asana projects. He is a long-time independent interaction designer/information architect/usability expert, developer, and project/staff lead/manager with over twenty years of freelance/small business/enterprise experience.


- Help you to gain the full benefits from all that Asana has to offer and broaden the scope of your Asana usage

- Assess your unique environment and needs

- Design or improve your existing Asana workflows

- Create startup, deployment, and onboarding plans

- Train your Asana users with the right approach cost-effectively

- Ensure that best practices are followed from the outset and take hold across all users/teams

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With this unique link you may be able to receive 10% off your annual Asana plan (Premium or Business) and/or get a 30-day free trial of Asana Premium. (As an Asana Certified Pro Consultant, I have an affiliate relationship with Asana that may entitle you to these benefits, and may also result in compensation to me for referring a new customer to Asana.)

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Product Management, Onboarding, Goals/Strategy/Planning, Reporting, IT/Development, Information Architecture/Design/User Experience, Workflow/Automation