Ralph Carlone

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Managing Partner, CTG

Available for:

The Carlone Technology Group is headquartered in Chicago, IL, and consists of a network of highly skilled resources located throughout the United States covering a wide range of specialties.

Our ideology is simple – we feel that all businesses require a solid technology strategy in order to be successful and competitive in their industry. We help our clients better align IT with the goals and objectives of the business through proper analysis and by providing intelligent solutions to complex business problems.


We believe in things that make good business sense, which is why we are focused on projects that pay for themselves from the very start of our work with you. We also understand the need to practice prudent spending and truly believe that we are your top choice for service with unbeatable quality for cost ratio.

The Carlone Technology Group provides expert-level consulting and implementation services designed to help our clients better align their technology investments with the businesses they enable and support.

Some of the measurable results of aligning technology with the business are:

Reduced IT operating costs
Optimized processes that eliminate unnecessary activities
Efficient utilization of your assets
An agile, highly available, and recoverable infrastructure