Giuseppe Palma

Bari, Puglia, Italy

Export Manager,

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I’m a 49 years old Mechanical Engineer with valuable competencies and relevant experience in either Design and Project Management and in Technical Sales
I also have a strong background in Logistics, Supply Chain (Bosch Braking Systems)
In Eurostar as responsible for the Sales I've been allowed to implementing Asana for the whole company workflow: we started in September and all teams (about 17 colleagues) are 100% already onboard.


Experience in Design and Project Management applied to product development and market launch, mainly made in the Automotive sector:
At Robert Bosch GmbH:
- I was in the Simultaneous Engineering team first;
- I was than responsible for the Design of the High Pressure Common Rail Pump
- I participated in patenting the new generation injection pump;
all that was driven into successful design/testing processes and methods and anytime under the lens of the continuous improvement, which I made mine.
In Brembo S.p.A.
I improved my Project Management experience by successfully bringing at the series release stage 2 important projects for the supply of braking systems to Daimler Chrysler and Schmitz-Cargobull; my German fluency made it of course easier.
I finally switched to the Technical Sales for much smaller companies in the field of secondary Packaging equipment (Cosmapack International).
A small company means that my decisions and my results would have been strongly impactive on the company, which gave me the freeze for challenge.
Result was an increase in the export quote for 500% and a company overall turnover increase for 300% in 8 years. Here I started implementing Asana in 2013 as for the Sales Dpt.
After that I've been consulting a few companies in the sector of Green Technology, Spare Parts and started my own Bed&Breakfast in Italy (Bari) and Malta (Ix-Xaghra - Gozo)
Nowadays in Eurostar I'm responsible for the Sales and I also got green light in implementing Asana for improving the whole company workflow: we started in January by testing it in the Sales Team (what let us work during Covid-Lockdown); in September we started with all other teams (about 17 colleagues) are 100% of them is already onboard.
I can help any small-medium size company to discover weak points in their workflow/organization/responsibilities and adopt proper countermeasures to fix it thus improving overall efficiency.
I fit inside everyday's work by implementing low-impact solutions in terms of capacity, skills, costs, because heavy modifications in small companies often lead to fail.
All times I offer Asana adoption because it can be easily adopted and expanded thanks to its very easy and user-friendly interface.

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German, English, Italian


Sailing, Travel, Puddlesurf, Kitesurf