Veronica Baraldi

Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal

Project management, Workflow development, Departmental focus: Design, Change management - small teams

Architect, VB::

Architect, Organisational Designer, Mentor, Traveller


I consider myself a traveller, of places and experiences. From Rome to Venice, Paris and the Netherlands, she travelled Europe until I reached Lisbon.
I had the chance to discover and nurture my organisation-freak side by working in various architectural practices - UNStudio, Mario Cuccinella Architects, de Cie. - until I established VB::, my consultancy in Organisation Design for architectural practices. My mission is to be an Operating System for Architecture by helping my clients building a flexible and efficient structure, able to maximise their effort and reach their vision.
Movement, change, curiosity, innovation have always characterized my professional life. I believe in architecture’s potential in changing the world and people’s lives, and in the pressing need to achieve this goal by improving processes and resources effectively and efficiently in order to work better, for the better.