Melanie Hoskin

London, London, City of, United Kingdom

Strategic planning, Departmental focus: Marketing, Change management - large teams, Project management

Transformation & Change Manager, Macde Ltd

With over 20 years experience in project management and transformation programmes in start-ups, multi-national companies and government organisations, I work to improve integration, efficiency and effectiveness.


Every organisation has challenges to overcome to achieve their objectives. More often than not, it's hard to see the wood for the trees. Project milestones missed, declining budgets, increasing demand, departmental silos - the list could go on.

For small organisations and start-ups, sometimes the challenges are not knowing where to start, never mind an overhaul of an established business.

Challenges are our speciality - corporate detective work to see where the challenges are, and how they can be overcome through new ways of working, using technology or making those endless meetings more productive (and perhaps even reducing their number).

As an Asana CertifiedPro, who has used Asana for over six years, I can help your organisation streamline processes, make your meetings more efficient (and have less of them), reduce the inefficiencies of working in silos and help prioritisation of the organisation's workload to the top-line objectives.