Stephen Colwell

Laguna Niguel, California, United States

Founder, Dir. of Client Success, Completing

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I help individuals, teams, and organizations make a greater impact faster, by implementing the time-saving processes and workflows that allow teams to focus on their highest-value work and deliver value sooner.


"We wasted a lot of time and energy before we called you” is a common statement I hear from clients.

As a former agency head, I was tired of seeing GREAT companies spend their finite resources and energy on strategies and operating methods that didn’t work. I launched Completing to help companies define and maintain a clearer pathway toward operational excellence in all areas.

I am not an arms-length-distance or one size fits all type. I value highly focused, hands-on execution that reflects the uniqueness of every team. I work best with motivated, visionary, growth-minded teams committed to making a real impact; difference-makers with big ideas and a flat-out, do-it-or-die attitude.

I work with all levels of leadership, from small and mid-sized organizations to global enterprises. I've helped clients in media, technology, travel, healthcare, software, financial services, consumer products, blockchain, and others.

I generally offer 4 types of solutions:

◆ Planning & Strategy. Highly customized strategic planning that encompasses the entire customer journey - from branding and messaging, to lead generation, sales, & service. I can help you improve your ROI for every marketing dollar spent, distilling your objectives into clear roadmaps and execution plans.

◆ Fractional CMO/COO. No firewalls. I work directly with you and your team, guiding consistent execution and installing the same proven routines practiced by today's top-performing teams, all while keeping your internal and/or external team members rowing in the same direction toward clearly defined weekly, monthly, & quarterly goals.

◆ Operations & Project Management. Every hour counts and every detail matters. I help you stop allowing inefficient, delayed, or inconsistent execution stall your progress. Whether you're launching a new start-up, product, program, or campaign, I help you deploy the streamlined methods, processes, and tools to consistently achieve more.

◆ Training & Facilitation: Most organizations are under immense pressure to keep up. Without the right systems and cadence in place, it can easily reach a breaking point. I help teams find a pathway out of their reactionary, ad hoc tendencies and into a more sustainable approach that works better for stakeholders, team members, and their customers.

I look forward to connecting ◆◆ ◆◆

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Agile, automation, Team Health, Efficiency, AI, lean start-up, scrum