Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Asana Certified Pro?

An Asana Certified Pro is an independent expert who has gone through Asana’s certification program and is authorized by Asana to offer training and consulting to help you and your team make the most of your Asana subscription.

How can an Asana Certified Pro help me and my team?

Think of your Certified Pro as your personal guide to making the most of Asana. For example, they can consult with you and your team on goals, tailor Asana to meet your needs, train your workgroup, and help optimize and adjust your systems to grow with you over time.

What are some of the other benefits of working with an Asana Certified Pro?

Certified Pros are looped into what’s happening at Asana, so they can be your go-to expert on new features and ways to use Asana. Your Certified Pro may even be able to offer you special offers when you sign up for an Asana subscription.

Do Asana Certified Pros work for Asana?

No, they do not. Each Certified Pro is a third-party independent consultant, and as such have their own business, fees, and related policies and procedures.

What services do Asana Certified Pros offer?

Each Certified Pro is an Asana expert who offers their own array of services. These can range from Asana-specific workflow customization, training, and ongoing maintenance, to broader business topics like management consulting and productivity.

Where do Asana Certified Pros work?

Asana’s growing network of Certified Pros covers many cities around the world, with more to come. Many Certified Pros offer both in-person and distance-based or virtual services to meet your needs.

How much do Asana Certified Pros charge?

Certified Pros each set their own fee structure and service offerings. Together, you and they will decide the nature of your work together and associated fees.

Is the cost of working with an Asana Certified Pro included in the cost of an Asana subscription?

No, the fees associated with a Certified Pro are not included in an Asana subscription and are negotiated between you and your Certified Pro directly.