Change management - small teams

  • Katisha Rawls Richmond, Virginia, United States
    Change management - small teams, Remote working processes, Workflow development, Operational process improvement

    Katisha Rawls Consulting

    Katisha is a virtual consultant who specializes in productivity and collaboration solutions for virtual/remote teams and online service-based businesse (show more)

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    Interests: Online service-based businesses, Virtual/remote teams, Creating and documenting systems, Productivity and collaboration, Time management, Change management, Workflow development and automation, and Process improvement

  • Noemi Gryczko Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland
    Getting started, Change management - small teams, Asana best practices

    Noemi Gryczko .COM

    Manager, trainer, consultant with 16 years of experience. Zapraszam do kontaktu (i na blog: (show more)

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    Interests: mobile apps, digital skills, online education, future of work, distributed teams, and productivity

  • Isabella Johnston Orlando, Florida, United States
    Departmental focus: HR, Change management - small teams, Strategic planning, Training - virtual/remote

    Pivot Business Consulting

    Hi! I help clients get order out of chaos (think of it like untangling Christmas tree lights). I can work onsite or virtually as your trusted external (show more)

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    Interests: Asana best practices, Onboarding new users, virtual/remote, Training - onsite, and Change management - small teams

  • Mitch Stanley Perth, Western Australia, Australia
    Training - in-person, Workflow development, Digital marketing, Change management - small teams

    Stanley Professional Services

    Hi! I work with small business across Australia to enable growth through strategic sales, marketing, project management and transformation services. (show more)

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    Interests: Project Management, Partnership, Content Marketing, Productivity, Automation, Small Business, and Collaboration

  • Mella Stegs Järvsö, Gävleborgs län, Sweden
    Onboarding new users, Project management, Getting started, Change management - small teams

    Stegs and Sisters

    I help teams that work on different types of projects and processes that are adapted to the client's needs. My role is to guide them to work efficientl (show more)

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    Interests: workflow automation, Entrepreneurship, and Projectmanagement

  • Michael P. Chenier Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Productivity - team, Change management - large teams, Operational process improvement, Change management - small teams

    Arore Communications

    Arore Communications has been working exclusively with ASANA for ten years across many industry sectors, including tech companies, magazine publishing, (show more)

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    Interests: Project Management, Business Negotiations, Business Communications, and Business Strategy

  • Jesse Erickson Kankakee, Illinois, United States
    Reporting and data exploration, Strategic planning, Project management, Change management - small teams


    My work with our clients has seen increased revenues, better company processes, and improved data management to support better decision-making. Asana i (show more)

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    Interests: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Engineering, and Quickbooks

  • Honza Páv Prague, Praha, hlavní město, Czech Republic
    Training - in-person, Departmental focus: Marketing, Change management - small teams, Asana best practices

    I help small teams to work seamlessly no matter what kind of work they do. My role is to guide them through a mindset shift – from a chaos to organized (show more)

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    Interests: Rugby, Designthinking, Business, and Internet technology

  • William Valdez Asunción, Asunción, Paraguay
    Productivity - team, Change management - small teams, Departmental focus: Engineering, Change management - large teams


    I am an entrepreneur and an electronic engineer. I love to help people to become more productive and keep and eye in all the projects. (show more)

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    Interests: Project Followup, Time Management, and Efficiency

  • Steven Male Auckland, North Island, New Zealand
    Change management - small teams, Digital marketing, Training - virtual/remote, Asana best practices

    Steven Male

    Hey, I'm Steven! After building and growing an agency, 5 years later we got acquired! 🎉 Asana helped maintain my sanity and push us to new levels of gr (show more)

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    Interests: Marketing, Asana, personal development, storytelling, productivity, and scaling companies

  • KC Chan London, London, City of, United Kingdom
    Change management - small teams, Training - virtual/remote, Departmental focus: Marketing, Digital marketing


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    Interests: Football, Digital Transformation, ABM, and Growth Marketing

  • Jonathan Yankovich Madison, Wisconsin, United States
    Remote working processes, Agile development, Change management - large teams, Change management - small teams

    Effective Institute for Change

    I've been using Asana for years, and love helping people get the benefits that come from using it. Day to day I work with companies to help them imple (show more)

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    Interests: Facilitation, Teaching/Training, Cycling, Kettlebells, Cooking, Agile, and Holacracy

  • Josep Maria Martínez Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
    Workflow development, Project management, Productivity - team, Change management - small teams

    AT Infoserveis Consultoría Informática

    PRESENTACIÓN Hola, soy Josep María Martínez, papá orgulloso a tiempo completo de Biel y de Ona, dos pequeños diablillos que han conseguido sacar lo me (show more)

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    Interests: Desarrollo de Flujos de trabajo, Comunicación en equipo, Gestión de proyectos, Gestión de tareas, Gestión de equipos, and Productividad

  • Yaniv Corem Kiryat Tiv'On, HaZafon, Israel
    Strategic planning, Change management - small teams, Training - virtual/remote, Project management


    I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of NUKADIMA, a boutique innovation consulting firm that helps global organizations to design, build, and manage their innova (show more)

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    Interests: Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Innovation Management, and Innovation Strategy

  • Veronica Baraldi Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal
    Project management, Workflow development, Departmental focus: Design, Change management - small teams


    Architect, Organisational Designer, Mentor, Traveller (show more)

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    Interests: Leadership, Inclusion Management, Future of Work, and Architecture

  • JJ Ng Melbourne, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
    Agile development, Project management, Strategic planning, Change management - small teams


    At UpHeave, we love to see entrepreneurs taking their passions to solving problems. We will get you up to speed with all the tips, tools, and resource (show more)

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    Interests: Agile, Process Management, Change Management, and Goal Planning

  • Jeffrey Barkun Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
    Change management - small teams, Departmental focus: Business Operations, Operational process improvement, Productivity - team

    Jeff Barkun Consulting

    I am a former property manager turned tech consultant. In my former career, I spent a lot of time setting up new tech to operate properties and the man (show more)

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    Interests: Innovation, Real Estate, Skiing, Curling, and Golf

  • Hailey Mortimore Springfield, Massachusetts, United States
    Asana best practices, Departmental focus: Business Operations, Operational process improvement, Change management - small teams

    Hailey Mortimore Consulting

    I work with clients to maximize efficiency and structure in their project management and operations. My specialty is working with small and medium size (show more)

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    Interests: academia, science, research operations, research, startups, and automation

  • Raju Kapasi AHMEDABAD, Gujarat, India
    Workflow development, Asana best practices, Change management - small teams, Productivity - team

    Kapasi Handicrafts Emporium

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    Interests: Strategic Planning, Time Management, Ease Execution, System soothing, and Automate communication

  • Sunil Rao Bangalore, Karnataka, India
    Change management - small teams, Change management - large teams, Departmental focus: IT, Agile development

    Sunil Rao

    Deep technologist with long career in hands-on problem solving to strategic direction setting as an independent consultant or full time roles. (show more)

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    Interests: Startup, Strategy, Web, Mobile, Product Development, Agile, and Scrum