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Departmental focus: IT

Jorge Ruiz Lafuente Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain
Agile development, Training - in-person, Departmental focus: IT, Project management

Management System Consultant in EFOR (management system department) working Implementing different management, production, inventory, accounting, finan (show more)

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Interests: Project management, Productivity, and Program implementation & Training

Andy Makar Detroit, Michigan, United States
Agile development, Departmental focus: IT, Digital marketing, Project management
Tactical Project Management

Who else needs help with project management, productivity and agile transformations using collaboration tools? Andy owns and manages Tactical Projec (show more)

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Interests: task management, productivity, entrepreneurship, startups, agile software development, and project management

Masanori Misawa Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Operational process improvement, Project management, Workflow development, Departmental focus: IT
IBM Japan Digital Services Company (IJDS)

・ITを用いた業務改革(特にプロダクト選定やシステムデザインに興味があります(分野でいうとITインフラ・ミドルウェア(オンプレ、XaaS、etc...)が好き))。 ・上記についてプロジェクト管理の経験があります。 ・未来を感じるガジェットが大好きです。 ・I'm Interested i (show more)

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Interests: Project Management, Productivity, AI, Cloud, Sleep Tech, Mindfullness, and Communication

Adi Merzbach Palma de Mallorca, Illes Balears, Spain
Departmental focus: IT, Productivity - team, Project management, Remote working processes
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Interests: remote team management, people development, it operations, it infrastructure, and project management

Sunil Rao Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Change management - small teams, Change management - large teams, Departmental focus: IT, Agile development
Sunil Rao

Deep technologist with long career in hands-on problem solving to strategic direction setting as an independent consultant or full time roles. (show more)

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Interests: Startup, Strategy, Web, Mobile, Product Development, Agile, and Scrum

Muhammad Asad Ullah Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Project management, Training - virtual/remote, Departmental focus: IT, Operational process improvement

Hi! My name is Muhammad Asad Ullah and I'm the manager at Rich Technologies ( I've been training and managing teams/companies in Asana (show more)

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Interests: Productivity, Entrepreneurship, Virtual Assistant, IT, Perfection, Creativity, and Coaching

Hina Sohrab Luton, England, United Kingdom
Project management, Departmental focus: Business Operations, Workflow development, Departmental focus: IT
Bee Jee

As a highly motivated Management Consultant & Project Management professional, I enjoy the challenge of complex, demanding assignments. I am ITIL certi (show more)

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Interests: management consulting, process improvement, IT Operations, SaaS, workflow management, start-ups, and project management

Germain Chittaro Chaumont, Grand-Est, France
Departmental focus: Business Operations, Departmental focus: IT, Project management, Remote working processes

I'm based in the north east of France. I love helping my customers to solve all kind of problem like management problem, process problem or I.T. proble (show more)

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Interests: Trading 💸, New Technology 🚀🛰, Nature 🌲🦊, Family 👨‍👩‍👦, SaaS Software 🖥, and Running🏃‍♂️

Umar Khan Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Departmental focus: IT, Project management, Agile development, Training - virtual/remote

I'm a Software Engineer specifically a web developer who has evolved as a Project Manager for various IT development tasks. I have worked as a consulta (show more)

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Interests: Project Management, Team Lead, Coding, Virtual Assistance, Cloud Computing, and Agile Software Development

Pedro Figueroa Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Project management, Departmental focus: IT, Agile development
Pedro Figueroa

I am an Argentinian Project Manager and WordPress Developer, working side-by-side with top companies around the globe. (show more)

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Interests: non-profits, environment, animals, ngo, wordpress, websites, and project management