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Digital marketing

Michael Harding Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Asana best practices, Workflow development, Digital marketing, Operational process improvement
Genesis Digital Life Agency

In software development and consulting for over 30 years. Have worked with nearly every type and size company to solve a wide variety of business chal (show more)

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Interests: Project Management, Process Development, Sales & Marketing Management, and Productivity

Fillipe Neyl Walecki Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
Asana best practices, Digital marketing, Productivity - team, Project management
Agência WX - Digital Marketing

I have been working with the Internet for more than 16 years and have followed the emergence of many technologies that have revolutionised the way we i (show more)

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Interests: productivity, efficiency, goal getting, time management, and management

Josias Lopez Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala
Digital marketing, Time management, Asana best practices, Operational process improvement

I am an experienced ecommerce & logistics entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. I think that for individuals and companies time is one of the mos (show more)

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Interests: Digital Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, User Experience, Strategy, Management, Finance, Productivity, and Entrepreneurship

Jules Pioneer Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Digital marketing, Productivity - individual, Productivity - team, Workflow development
Pioneer Playbook

Hi, I'm Jules, business coach and blogger at Pioneer Playbook. I work with motivated female entrepreneurs to get seriously organized and take their bu (show more)

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Tasha Glover Canton, Mississippi, United States
Digital marketing, Training - virtual/remote, Project management, Departmental focus: Business Operations
Tech with Tasha

Hey I'm Tasha! I love Asana and use it to keep track of multiple projects and team members in my digital marketing business. I support Kingdom mi (show more)

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Interests: Community Building, Family, and Collaboration

Norberto Fabbricotti Bogota, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Remote working processes, Digital marketing, Goal tracking, Getting started
Tu Productividad

Hi, I',m Norberto Fabbricotti. I got my degree in Business and Administration/Economist, and I'm a Digital Marketing enthusiastic. I worked for 12 y (show more)

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Interests: Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Product Sourcing, Amazon FBA, E-Commerce, and Digital Marketing. Remote Work

Daniel Agustianus Yogyakarta, Jawa, Indonesia
Asana best practices, Productivity - team, Digital marketing
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Interests: Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, Growth Hacking, Online Productivity, and Mindmap

Arielle Hale Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Remote working processes, Project management, Training - virtual/remote, Digital marketing
Hale Yeah Marketing

Arielle Hale is a launch and marketing project manager for online business owners who want to successfully launch their digital courses. (show more)

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Interests: digital marketing, coaching, and online courses

Jonathan Gaby Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Getting started, Departmental focus: Business Operations, Operational process improvement, Digital marketing
Jonathan Gaby, & Co.

My name is Jonathan Gaby. Working with me will help you grow your business or organization through digital marketing as well as business consulting. (show more)

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Interests: Mid-size businesses, Small business, Non-profits, and Arts Organizations

Gilles Toussaint Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Training - virtual/remote, Departmental focus: Marketing, Digital marketing, Strategic planning

Entrepreneur, Ph.D. in Chemistry, I am a team leader with 9+ years of industry experience and a successful track record in digital marketing, lean proj (show more)

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Interests: pharma, greentech, cleantech, science, creative, music, and Project management

Riccardo Rodella Milano, Lombardia, Italy
Digital marketing, Departmental focus: Marketing, Departmental focus: Sales
Equinox Srl

Hi! My name is Riccardo Rodella and i'm an enthusiastic Digital Entrepreneur focused on Marketing Automation Projects for eCommerce. (show more)

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Interests: Marketing Automation, Performance Marketing, Fly & Drive, Skydiving, and Running

Burhaan Pattel Bangkok, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon Bangkok, Thailand
Workflow development, Operational process improvement, Strategic planning, Digital marketing

I help make digital marketing and systems easier. We work with businesses who are serious about ramping up their marketing and productivity efforts. We (show more)

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Interests: Marketing, Increased Productivity, Content Management, Customer Support, and Advertising

Mitch Stanley Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Training - in-person, Workflow development, Digital marketing, Change management - small teams
Stanley Professional Services

Hi! I work with small business across Australia to enable growth through strategic sales, marketing, project management and transformation services. (show more)

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Interests: Project Management, Partnership, Content Marketing, Productivity, Automation, Small Business, and Collaboration

Katrina Lee Thousand Oaks , California, United States
Training - virtual/remote, Digital marketing, Project management, Campaign management
Dymic Digital

Hi! I'm Katrina. I work at Dymic Digital as an SEO account manager. I also work as a CFO for a growing E-sports Organization. Helping teams reach their (show more)

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Interests: web design, digital marketing, and seo

Andy Makar Detroit, Michigan, United States
Agile development, Departmental focus: IT, Digital marketing, Project management
Tactical Project Management

Who else needs help with project management, productivity and agile transformations using collaboration tools? Andy owns and manages Tactical Projec (show more)

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Interests: startups, entrepreneurship, productivity, task management, agile software development, and project management

Alejandro Torres Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico
Campaign management, Departmental focus: Marketing, Digital marketing

Digital Marketer passionate for technology and innovation and productivity. (show more)

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Interests: Digital Campagins, Marketing automation, growth marketing, and Digital Marketing

Steven Male Auckland, New Zealand
Change management - small teams, Digital marketing, Training - virtual/remote, Asana best practices
Steven Male

Hey, I'm Steven! After building and growing an agency, 5 years later we got acquired! 🎉 Asana helped maintain my sanity and push us to new levels of gr (show more)

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Interests: Marketing, Asana, personal development, storytelling, productivity, and scaling companies

Sébastien Caron Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada
Digital marketing, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Marketing, Asana best practices
Sebastien Caron Consultant

*FRENCH ONLY* I help entrepreneurs maximize their revenues by optimizing their automation processes. J'accompagne les entrepreneurs à maximiser l (show more)

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Interests: Digital Marketing, Productivity, Sales, Finance, and Marketings

KC Chan London, United Kingdom
Change management - small teams, Training - virtual/remote, Departmental focus: Marketing, Digital marketing
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Interests: Football, Digital Transformation, ABM, and Growth Marketing

Lauren Pawell Denver, Colorado, United States
Operational process improvement, Strategic planning, Campaign management, Digital marketing
Bixa Media

I help business owners (and their teams) generate, nurture & qualify more leads online. I believe in focusing on high-impact marketing efforts, so y (show more)

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Interests: dogs, yoga, hiking, travel, entrepreneurship, and marketing

Clarisa Lucciarini Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay
Digital marketing, Productivity - team, Productivity - individual, Asana best practices

I'm passionate about improving the user experience from any point of view: productivity, marketing, sales, customer experience, entertainment and even (show more)

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Interests: Music, Permaculture, Yoga, Learning, User Experience, Technology, and Innovation

Shihori Komatsu Suita, Osaka, Japan
Project management, Remote working processes, Digital marketing
HackCamp Inc.

私はフリーランスのwebディレクターとして10年間勤務してきました。 その後株式会社HackCampでフルリモート正社員となり、国や大企業をクライアントとしたイベントや人材育成プログラム等のPMを行なっています。 I have been working as a freelance web d (show more)

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Interests: workation, remote working, how women work, and education

Kristine Joy Gleyo Angeles City, Central Luzon (Region III), Philippines
Digital marketing, Training - virtual/remote, Project management, Strategic planning
Best Adpreneur, QuickPro, CLUBBV Media

Hello. Call me KJ Gleyo, your Social OMompreneur & Online Consultant, and I help other people improve their businesses and online work through educatin (show more)

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Interests: Content Creation, Vlogging & Blogging, Life & Online Business Coaching, Promoting Remote Work, Events Management, Domestic Travel for Promotions, and Social Media Marketing

Ashley Mullings Austin, Texas, United States
Digital marketing, Campaign management, Departmental focus: Marketing, Strategic planning

Ashley Mullings is a marketing consultant specializing in marketing strategy development, marketing automation, web design, and campaign launch managem (show more)

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Interests: Marketing Strategy, Web Design, and Marketing Automation

Wahid Rouhli Casablanca, Drâa-Tafilalet, Morocco
Training - virtual/remote, Digital marketing, Remote working processes, Project management

Je vous aide à sortir des sentiers battus, à développer votre marque personnelle, créer de la valeur avec vos produits, bien optimiser votre productivi (show more)

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Interests: Remote work, Gestion de temps, Personal branding, GTM, Productivité, and Digital marketing

Csikós Tamás Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
Digital marketing, Asana best practices, Onboarding new users, Training - in-person
ITM Creative Group Ltd

Our company is focus on small and mid size businesses to help them in complete online presence from start to winning end. We are creating and managing (show more)

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Interests: Productivity, Sales & Marketing Management, Process Development, and Project Management

Tyler Whyte Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Departmental focus: Business Operations, Digital marketing, Workflow development, API best practices
Marketing Automations

I work with clients to set up Email Marketing Automation and Business Process Automation. Simplify your life by reducing costs for almost any repetit (show more)

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Interests: Save overhead, Marketing automation, and Business Process Automation

Nicola Giusto Venezia, Veneto, Italy
Digital marketing, Project management, Departmental focus: Marketing, Strategic planning
LeftHanded Studio

I am focused on digital transformation, innovation, strategic marketing and communication. I am a lecturer in Web Marketing and Digital Communication a (show more)

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Interests: digital transformation, digital strategy, design thinking, service design, business design, business model, and digital cultures

Scott Hampson Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Project management, Workflow development, Operational process improvement, Digital marketing

Discover how and where your business should exist digitally. Maximise your technology. Featurist assists organisations to generate business opportunit (show more)

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Interests: Digital Marketing, Business Process Improvement, and Marketing Automation

Nelson Martinez Miami, Florida, United States
Digital marketing, Productivity - team, Project management, Remote working processes

Online Marketing and Digital Project Management Expert. Experienced with LATAM and South Florida markets. Customer service star, entrepreneur, early ad (show more)

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Interests: Productivity, Time Management, Project Management, Social Media, SEO, and Online Reputation

Marina Prokopenko Moscow, Moskva, Russia
Departmental focus: Sales, Remote working processes, Operational process improvement, Digital marketing
Vitamin C for business

Co-founder of the agency for the business process automation focused on the Sales increase, marketing profitability and improvement of the project mana (show more)

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Interests: improvement client experience, transparency of process, Growth-Hacking, IT solutions for automatization, efficiency, business operations, and management

Colin Scotland Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Digital marketing, Strategic planning, Training - virtual/remote, Getting started

I am a Marketing and Online Business Coach. I help mission-driven entrepreneurs to fulfill their potential. (show more)

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