Productivity - team

  • Larry Berger San Francisco, California, United States
    Productivity - team, Asana best practices, Training - virtual/remote, Project management

    Trilogi Solutions

    Not sure where to start? Stuck? Want to unlock Asana basic and advanced secrets? No time to read all the Asana docs? HOTLINE FOR ASANA ($50 for 20 m (show more)

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    Interests: Product Management, Onboarding, Goals/Strategy/Planning, Reporting, IT/Development, Information Architecture/Design/User Experience, and Workflow/Automation

  • Tim Stringer Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    Productivity - team, Productivity - individual, Asana best practices, Getting started

    Technically Simple

    Tim Stringer is a seasoned productivity expert who works with people and organizations all over the world to design and implement highly-effective Asan (show more)

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  • Paul Minors Auckland, North Island, New Zealand
    Training - virtual/remote, Asana best practices, Change management - large teams, Productivity - team

    Minor Workshop Ltd

    Get help with Asana set up, team training, integrations and automation. Learn how to get more out of Asana and ensure your team successfully adopts the (show more)

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    Interests: productivity, email, task management, automation, and integration

  • Catherine Calmes San Antonio, Texas, United States
    Project management, Productivity - team, Getting started, Strategic planning

    Calmes Consulting

    Calmes Consulting can help you set up your projects in Asana, teach you and your team how to use its features, and make sure your projects are running (show more)

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  • Ken Burnstein San Francisco, California, United States
    Remote working processes, Training - virtual/remote, Asana best practices, Productivity - team


    We're a coaching and advisory company located in San Francisco, with client worldwide. We focus primarily on helping our clients grow their businesses (show more)

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    Interests: CRM Integration, Strategy Consulting, Simplifying Processes, and Conversational Marketing

  • Fillipe Neyl Walecki Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
    Asana best practices, Digital marketing, Productivity - team, Project management

    Agência WX - Digital Marketing

    I have been working with the Internet for more than 16 years and have followed the emergence of many technologies that have revolutionised the way we i (show more)

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    Interests: productivity, efficiency, goal getting, time management, and management

  • Dave Mason Birmingham / London, London, City of, United Kingdom
    Workflow development, Operational process improvement, Productivity - team, Project management

    AdFuse Ltd

    Hello! I'm Dave J Mason a.k.a Mr System - One of the UK's first ever Asana Certified Pros. I enjoy (and thrive) in creating order from chaos. I h (show more)

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    Interests: Business Operations, Productivity, Digital Strategy, Virtual Assistance, Process Automation, Leadership & Management, and Creating Order From Chaos

  • Jules Pioneer Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
    Digital marketing, Productivity - individual, Productivity - team, Workflow development

    Pioneer Playbook

    Hi, I'm Jules, business coach and blogger at Pioneer Playbook. I work with motivated female entrepreneurs to get seriously organized and take their bu (show more)

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  • Millor Machado São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
    Asana best practices, Productivity - team, Goal tracking, Strategic planning


    Automation engineer, started my career as an intern at A.T. Kearney where I developed lots of analytical skills. After that, founded and sold one st (show more)

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    Interests: Goal setting, Agile methodologies, and Process mapping

  • Alon Binman Raanana, HaMerkaz, Israel
    Operational process improvement, Productivity - team, Remote working processes, Workflow development

    Source Defense

    I get things done. I like helping other people and companies achieve better flows and work flows to achieve maximum efficiency (show more)

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    Interests: New Tools, Automation, Operations, Product Management, and Productivity

  • Salman, Khwaja Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
    Change management - large teams, Productivity - team, Workflow development, Getting started

    TPS Pakistan Pvt. Limited

    I am a passionate person who loves to work on Tech, People and Processes. Been into the area of Process Improvement for nearly a decade. With over (show more)

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    Interests: Change Management, Workflows, Team Management, Newsletter Publishing, Social Media Management, and Implementing Agile

  • Daniel Agustianus Yogyakarta, Jawa, Indonesia
    Asana best practices, Productivity - team, Digital marketing


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    Interests: Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, Growth Hacking, Online Productivity, and Mindmap

  • James McCallum Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
    Productivity - team, Change management - large teams, Asana best practices, Training - virtual/remote

    PORTAL Business Training

    HELPING TEAMS LARGE AND SMALL: ► To reduce the time spent looking for information ► To have more time to spend on important tasks ► To improve com (show more)

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    Interests: Learning & Development, communication, productivity, team collaboration, and remote work

  • Mauricio Rodriguez Miami, Florida, United States
    Agile development, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Business Operations, Asana best practices

    Fletnet Network Engineering

    I am an IT professional with over 20 years experience in Fortune 500, SMB, Education, Finance, and software development organizations. I work with any (show more)

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    Interests: Digital Transformation, Remote Work, Asynchronous Work, and Agile Methodology

  • Akua Nyame-Mensah Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
    Strategic planning, Productivity - team, Productivity - individual, Goal tracking

    ANM & Company

    As a professional certified coach and consultant I help people connect intentionally and get things done confidently. (show more)

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    Interests: Operations, Coaching, Facilitation, Business Development, and People

  • Marco Michely Berlin, Berlin, Germany
    Training - virtual/remote, Getting started, Productivity - team, Project management

    Michely Web Engineering UG

    Ich habe langjährige Erfahrung im Projektmanagement und der Umsetzung im Bereich IT und Software-Entwicklung. Als Consultant begleite ich Agenturen und (show more)

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    Interests: Entrepreneurship, Projectmanagement, Web Development, and Effective productivity

  • Bernd Kopin Berlin, Berlin, Germany
    Operational process improvement, Productivity - team, Training - in-person, Asana best practices


    BridgeFlow enables companies to do great work. We create systems and workflows for your individual work management needs. We are experts for the leadin (show more)

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    Interests: crossfunctional teamwork, workflows, productivity systems, and GTD

  • Peter Zakrzewski Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Productivity - team, Project management, Campaign management, Asana best practices

    Consultant specialising in E-Commerce, Digital Marketing & Project Management (show more)

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    Interests: travel, digital marketing, and Website optimisation

  • Angelique Janey Dallas, Texas, United States
    Reporting and data exploration, Productivity - team, Onboarding new users, Getting started

    Virtual Assistant One

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  • Gustavo Rubio Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
    Productivity - team, Productivity - individual, Workflow development, Time management


    Me gusta ayudar a Organizar el trabajo con Asana buscando la Efectividad en la operación día a día, alineando el logro de sus metas y objetivos en sus (show more)

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    Interests: Organización, Efectividad, and Coaching

  • Justin Butlion Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa
    Project management, Training - virtual/remote, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Business Operations


    My name is Justin Butlion and I'm an experienced business operations consultant that specializes in business performance. My passion is helping busi (show more)

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    Interests: SaaS, growth, business analytics, content marketing, business performance, and data visualization

  • Edgar Arana Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
    Productivity - team, Strategic planning, Project management, Departmental focus: Marketing

    Project Manager (show more)

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    Interests: Social Media, Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Technology, and Innovation

  • Julien RENAUD Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, France
    Productivity - team, Getting started, Training - virtual/remote, Training - in-person

    Hi I'm Julien - I have 12 years of team management in several companies - I'm keen of project management and collaboration - I followed numerous tra (show more)

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    Interests: Productivity, Collaboration, Efficiency, and Team spirit

  • Austin Grammon Roy, Utah, United States
    Workflow development, Project management, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Business Operations


    I'm the COO of SpeakerFlow and the resident operations expert for our clients. I help implement and optimize tools like Asana to make life easier, and (show more)

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  • Michael P. Chenier Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Productivity - team, Change management - large teams, Operational process improvement, Change management - small teams

    Arore Communications

    Arore Communications has been working exclusively with ASANA for ten years across many industry sectors, including tech companies, magazine publishing, (show more)

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    Interests: Project Management, Business Negotiations, Business Communications, and Business Strategy

  • Pedro Llobell Madrid y Valencia , Madrid, Comunidad de, Spain
    Productivity - team, Operational process improvement, Workflow development, Departmental focus: Finance

    I am a business consultant who works with small and medium sized business managing workflows, administrative and financial departments and productivity (show more)

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    Interests: Politics, Gastronomy, entrepreneurship, Travel, and Music

  • William Valdez Asunción, Asunción, Paraguay
    Productivity - team, Change management - small teams, Departmental focus: Engineering, Change management - large teams


    I am an entrepreneur and an electronic engineer. I love to help people to become more productive and keep and eye in all the projects. (show more)

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    Interests: Project Followup, Time Management, and Efficiency

  • Paula Holsberry Wichita Falls, Texas, United States
    Remote working processes, Getting started, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Business Operations

    Tessera Virtual Business Solutions

    Paula is the owner and operator of Tessera Virtual Business Solutions. She is dedicated to helping business owners grow their business by offering seco (show more)

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    Interests: Education, Freelancer Systems, Remote Workforce, Small Business, Startup Support, and Process Development

  • Martin Zanello Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
    Asana best practices, Departmental focus: Finance, Training - virtual/remote, Productivity - team

    Estudio BEZ

    I am an accountant, also CEO of a small bussiness in my city. I do consulting for all my customers here and I love asana cause I made me boost my produ (show more)

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    Interests: reporting, tax, accountant, and Auditing

  • Pedro Malaga Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, Région de;Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium
    Departmental focus: Engineering, Workflow development, Productivity - team, Project management

    I am specialized in leading virtual projects and setting up the right tools to manage teams to help organizations move faster and improve productivity. (show more)

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    Interests: Implementation Asana, Productivity, Remote team leadership, and Project management

  • Teppei Urabe Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    Project management, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Product, Asana best practices

    0→1フェーズのWebサービスの新規事業立ち上げ〜事業運営までのシステム化・実現、収益化が得意です。 I am a 0->1 Startups IT consultant. I have worked as a Project Manager for over decade. (show more)

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    Interests: Productivity, EC, Enterprise, Startups, Programming, Team Building, and Program/Project Management

  • Tiana Vallan Hayward, California, United States
    Productivity - team, Remote working processes, Productivity - individual, Departmental focus: Design

    Second Instrument Media

    Hello! My name is Tiana and I am a digital media consultant. I work with small business startups and creative entrepreneurs to improve productivity, co (show more)

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    Interests: social media, music, audio production, and web design

  • Antonio Specchia London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
    Project management, Agile development, Productivity - team, Reporting and data exploration


    We work with: Companies looking for growth, pursuing productivity enhancement, in the need of better outcomes We support: - Digital transformation (show more)

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    Interests: marketing, agile marketing, startups, business growth, and agile

  • Sébastien Caron Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Canada
    Digital marketing, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Marketing, Asana best practices

    Sebastien Caron Consultant

    *FRENCH ONLY* I help entrepreneurs maximize their revenues by optimizing their automation processes. J'accompagne les entrepreneurs à maximiser l (show more)

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    Interests: Digital Marketing, Productivity, Sales, Finance, and Marketings

  • Kenichi Nakaya Minato Ku, Tokyo, Japan
    Operational process improvement, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Business Operations, Departmental focus: Marketing

    trimtab japan

    顧客体験(CX)と従業員体験(EX)向上のコンサル会社トリムタブジャパン 代表です。 製造業・サービス業・小売業・ITベンチャー企業などさまざまな業種の企業と繋がりを持っていますが、みなさん「顧客との関係を大切にする」「従業員と未来を作る」情熱を持っています。 Representative o (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: CX, EX, DesignThinking, DesignSprint, VOE, and VOC

  • Josep Maria Martínez Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
    Workflow development, Project management, Productivity - team, Change management - small teams

    AT Infoserveis Consultoría Informática

    PRESENTACIÓN Hola, soy Josep María Martínez, papá orgulloso a tiempo completo de Biel y de Ona, dos pequeños diablillos que han conseguido sacar lo me (show more)

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    Interests: Desarrollo de Flujos de trabajo, Comunicación en equipo, Gestión de proyectos, Gestión de tareas, Gestión de equipos, and Productividad

  • Emily Corley Burlington, Vermont, United States
    Departmental focus: Marketing, Project management, Campaign management, Productivity - team

    Rhapsody Creative

    Brand design and strategy for retailers, farms + small businesses (show more)

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    Interests: web design and social media management

  • Michael Pelletier Austin, Texas, United States
    Goal tracking, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Business Operations, Strategic planning

    Scaling Operations LLC

    20+ years of experience building effective teams across a variety of industries and Organizations: from Tech to manufacturing, large international corp (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Holacracy deployment, Effective communication, Efficient meetings, Efficient tasks management, Effective teams, and OKRs

  • Maurice Kaag Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland
    Productivity - team, Getting started, Workflow development, Project management

    Maurice Kaag

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  • Fabio Escobar Miami, Florida, United States
    Productivity - team, Project management, Asana best practices, Departmental focus: Marketing


    I am a business development and marketing professional in the food and beverage industry. I am a consultant at the moment working with REEF Kitchens wh (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: marketing strategy and product launches

  • Clarisa Lucciarini Montevideo, Montevideo, Uruguay
    Digital marketing, Productivity - team, Productivity - individual, Asana best practices


    I'm passionate about improving the user experience from any point of view: productivity, marketing, sales, customer experience, entertainment and even (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Music, Permaculture, Yoga, Learning, User Experience, Technology, and Innovation

  • Josh Barter Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
    Productivity - team, Workflow development, Change management - large teams, Operational process improvement


    I'm tertiary qualified in business, marketing & information technology. I'm a productivity expert with extensive experience in best practice workflow e (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: surfing, mountain bike riding, and digital marketing

  • Mulyadi Oey Jakarta, Jawa, Indonesia
    Goal tracking, Departmental focus: Product, Departmental focus: HR, Productivity - team

    Product Narrative

    I am a “way of working” designer with multi-disciplinary expertise, which spans product management, software engineering, business development, and peo (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: systems thinking, corporate learning, coaching, way of working, and product management

  • David Lourenço Filho Braga, Braga, Portugal
    Project management, Time management, Productivity - team, Remote working processes

    DC7 Gestão de Projetos

    Consultant and mentor with more than 30 years of experience. Master degree in Project Management from George Washington University (GWU). Certified as (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Listening, NLP, Coaching, Mentoring, Virtual Team, and Virtual Organization

  • Thomas Rödl Schopfheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Business Operations, Remote working processes, Workflow development

    Tom Solid Consulting

    My name is Dr. Thomas Roedl. I worked in big pharma for 7+ years in Business and Manufacturing IT. During this time I was responsible for the co (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Technology, Team Management, Paperless Office, Productivity, Efficiency, and Agile Thinking