Project management

  • Larry Berger San Francisco, California, United States
    Productivity - team, Asana best practices, Training - virtual/remote, Project management

    Trilogi Solutions

    Not sure where to start? Stuck? Want to unlock Asana basic and advanced secrets? No time to read all the Asana docs? HOTLINE FOR ASANA ($50 for 20 m (show more)

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    Interests: Product Management, Onboarding, Goals/Strategy/Planning, Reporting, IT/Development, Information Architecture/Design/User Experience, and Workflow/Automation

  • Catherine Calmes San Antonio, Texas, United States
    Project management, Productivity - team, Getting started, Strategic planning

    Calmes Consulting

    Calmes Consulting can help you set up your projects in Asana, teach you and your team how to use its features, and make sure your projects are running (show more)

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  • Pepijn Hoff Randstad, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
    Project management, Productivity - individual, Asana best practices, Training - in-person


    LET’S TALK #WORDPRESS, #SOCIAL #YOURWEBSITE #ASANA 👨‍💻Developer + 🤓Nerd +👨‍💼Entrepreneur 😊Love Socializing, Coffee & Helpful (show more)

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    Interests: Todo, Social Media, Development, Time Management, and Productivity

  • Anne Nynke Jansma Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
    Operational process improvement, Departmental focus: HR, Productivity - individual, Project management

    Triple Nine

    Hi there! My name is Anne Nynke, Asana Certified Pro living in Amsterdam. I love bringing structure to chaos, and injecting fun and positive energy (show more)

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    Interests: Productivity, Onboarding, Holacracy, GTD, Self Management, and Inbox handling

  • Todd Cavanaugh New York City, New York, United States
    Project management, Training - in-person, Training - virtual/remote, Onboarding new users

    Project Management Pros

    Hi! My name is Todd and I'm the founder of Project Management Pros (formerly Asana Training). I've been training companies in Asana since 2013. Since t (show more)

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    Interests: task management, automation, Zapier, integrations, time-tracking, and project management

  • Ronald Vrkic Birkenfeld, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    Strategic planning, Workflow development, Project management, Change management - large teams


    As a Digital Native I look for new projects to implement features of the Next Economy and to make a qualitative contribution in the agile world. With (show more)

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  • Fillipe Neyl Walecki Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil
    Asana best practices, Digital marketing, Productivity - team, Project management

    Agência WX - Digital Marketing

    I have been working with the Internet for more than 16 years and have followed the emergence of many technologies that have revolutionised the way we i (show more)

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    Interests: productivity, efficiency, goal getting, time management, and management

  • Thomas Rypens Antwerp, Belgium, Vlaams Gewest, Belgium
    Asana best practices, Departmental focus: Design, Project management, Getting started

    Made - Design & Innovation

    Let's get in touch to discuss your current workflow and how we can optimise your work time by implementing Asana or by improving your current Asana set (show more)

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    Interests: User Experience design, User Interface design, Web/Mobile Development, Project Management, and Digital Strategy

  • Dave Mason Birmingham / London, London, City of, United Kingdom
    Workflow development, Operational process improvement, Productivity - team, Project management

    Mr. System

    🔗 Learn More: 📆 book a Call: Hello! I'm Dave J Mason a.k.a Mr System - One of the UK's first eve (show more)

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    Interests: Productivity, Business Operations, Digital Strategy, Virtual Assistance, Process Automation, Leadership & Management, and Creating Order From Chaos

  • Tasha Glover Canton, Mississippi, United States
    Digital marketing, Training - virtual/remote, Project management, Departmental focus: Business Operations

    Tech with Tasha

    Hey I'm Tasha! I love Asana and use it to keep track of multiple projects and team members in my digital marketing business. I support Kingdom mi (show more)

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    Interests: Community Building, Family, and Collaboration

  • Bryan Bennett San Diego, California, United States
    Training - virtual/remote, Project management, Asana best practices, Remote working processes

    *** VIRTUAL/REMOTE: Any time. Any time zone. *** FREE, 30-MIN CONSULTATION -->*** Founder / CEO of Asana Kickstart (by Proje (show more)

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    Interests: Productivity, Operations, Training, Public Speaking, Integrations, Systems, and Behavioral Science

  • Yenegh Badimayalew Auckland City, North Island, New Zealand
    Remote working processes, Operational process improvement, Departmental focus: Design, Project management


    My name is Yenegh, Asana Certified Pro living and working in Auckland. I often define the fine line between order and anarchy with project management. (show more)

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    Interests: Basketball & Baking

  • Arielle Hale Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
    Remote working processes, Project management, Training - virtual/remote, Digital marketing

    Hale Yeah Marketing

    Arielle Hale is a launch and marketing project manager for online business owners who want to successfully launch their digital courses. (show more)

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    Interests: digital marketing, coaching, and online courses

  • Marco Michely Berlin, Berlin, Germany
    Training - virtual/remote, Getting started, Productivity - team, Project management

    Michely Web Engineering UG

    Ich habe langjährige Erfahrung im Projektmanagement und der Umsetzung im Bereich IT und Software-Entwicklung. Als Consultant begleite ich Agenturen und (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Entrepreneurship, Projectmanagement, Web Development, and Effective productivity

  • Peter Zakrzewski Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Productivity - team, Project management, Campaign management, Asana best practices

    Consultant specialising in E-Commerce, Digital Marketing & Project Management (show more)

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    Interests: travel, digital marketing, and Website optimisation

  • Sheffie Robinson Vicksburg, Mississippi, United States
    Project management, Agile development, Operational process improvement, Workflow development

    Touco Direct LLC

    I am a web developer that assists customers through their entire digital life cycle from web design to marketing automation and internal organization. (show more)

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    Interests: Web Development, Startups, Small Business, Automation, Scaling, Government Contracting, and Wordpress

  • Melanie Hoskin London, London, City of, United Kingdom
    Strategic planning, Departmental focus: Marketing, Change management - large teams, Project management

    Macde Ltd

    With over 20 years experience in project management and transformation programmes in start-ups, multi-national companies and government organisations, (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Collaboration, Government, Marketing Requests, Integrator, Cross-departmental integration, and Transformation

  • Natasha Barrett Volcan, Chiriquí, Panama
    Workflow development, Departmental focus: Business Operations, Operational process improvement, Project management

    Natasha Barrett and Co

    I am a highly effective, PMP qualified, experienced Project and Operations Manager with over 8 years of experience managing projects assiduously and ef (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Time Management, Improve Efficiency, Team Management, Workflow, and Business Systems

  • Christine Paula Love Bernasor Cebu, Central Visayas (Region VII), Philippines
    Training - virtual/remote, Remote working processes, Workflow development, Project management

    Digital Nomads Philippines

    Paula Bernasor is an experienced project manager, consummate community connector, and a passionate public speaker. She is a full-time freelancer helpin (show more)

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    Interests: Startups, Travel, Minimalism, Blogging, Water Sports, Experience Design, and Social Enterprise

  • Jorge Ruiz Lafuente Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain
    Project management, Departmental focus: IT, Training - in-person, Agile development


    Management System Consultant in EFOR (management system department) working Implementing different management, production, inventory, accounting, finan (show more)

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    Interests: Productivity, Program implementation & Training, and Project management

  • Mikhail Shkutov Saint-Petersburg, Sankt-Peterburg, Russian Federation
    Asana best practices, Workflow development, Time management, Project management

    CRM Analytics

    Hi, I'm Mikhail, productivity consultant from Russia. (show more)

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    Interests: Productivity, Project management, and CRM

  • Justin Butlion Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa
    Project management, Training - virtual/remote, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Business Operations


    My name is Justin Butlion and I'm an experienced business operations consultant that specializes in business performance. My passion is helping busi (show more)

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    Interests: SaaS, growth, business analytics, content marketing, business performance, and data visualization

  • Edgar Arana Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
    Productivity - team, Strategic planning, Project management, Departmental focus: Marketing

    Project Manager (show more)

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    Interests: Innovation, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Cyber Security, and Technology

  • Gunnam Krishna Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
    Change management - large teams, Workflow development, Strategic planning, Project management

    Passionate, accomplished project management professional and consulting advisor with a strong specialized experience in managing complex Digital Transf (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Project Management, Training, Workflow Management, Business Process Re-Engineering, Digital Transformation, and Digital Project Management

  • Mella Stegs Järvsö, Gävleborgs län, Sweden
    Onboarding new users, Project management, Getting started, Change management - small teams

    Stegs and Sisters

    I help teams that work on different types of projects and processes that are adapted to the client's needs. My role is to guide them to work efficientl (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: workflow automation, Entrepreneurship, and Projectmanagement

  • Katrina Lee Thousand Oaks , California, United States
    Training - virtual/remote, Digital marketing, Project management, Campaign management

    Dymic Digital

    Hi! I'm Katrina. I work at Dymic Digital as an SEO account manager. I also work as a CFO for a growing E-sports Organization. Helping teams reach their (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: web design, digital marketing, and seo

  • Austin Grammon Roy, Utah, United States
    Workflow development, Project management, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Business Operations


    I'm the COO of SpeakerFlow and the resident operations expert for our clients. I help implement and optimize tools like Asana to make life easier, and (show more)

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  • Nicolas Dafnomilis Athens, Attiki, Greece
    Project management, Remote working processes, Workflow development, Operational process improvement


    A 32-years old professional, holder of a BEng in Computer Science and an MSc in Advanced Information Systems. ✔️ CEPM Certified ✔️ SFC Certified (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: technology, project management, traveling, and music

  • Andy Makar Detroit, Michigan, United States
    Agile development, Departmental focus: IT, Digital marketing, Project management

    Tactical Project Management

    Who else needs help with project management, productivity and agile transformations using collaboration tools? Andy owns and manages Tactical Projec (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: startups, entrepreneurship, productivity, task management, agile software development, and project management

  • Jesse Erickson Kankakee, Illinois, United States
    Reporting and data exploration, Strategic planning, Project management, Change management - small teams


    My work with our clients has seen increased revenues, better company processes, and improved data management to support better decision-making. Asana i (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Engineering, and Quickbooks

  • Stephen Nock Berlin, Berlin, Germany
    Getting started, Project management, Departmental focus: Customer Support, Asana best practices

    I started my career in high-growth start-ups, burnt out, and found my own path consulting teams to enjoy meaningful work. (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Customer Experience, Technical Writing, Personal Development, and Yoga

  • Alicia Janowski Lake Village, Indiana, United States
    Training - virtual/remote, Onboarding new users, Project management, Workflow development

    Crossroads Prison Ministries

    Hi! As a creative problem-solver, detailed fact-finder, and systematic organizer, I love gathering relevant information and building plans that are (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: education, music, gardening, hiking, and watercolor

  • Ganesh Kadam Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    Onboarding new users, Getting started, Agile development, Project management

    I am certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®. (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Project Management, Partnership, and Agile

  • Pedro Malaga Brussels, Bruxelles-Capitale, Région de;Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Belgium
    Departmental focus: Engineering, Workflow development, Productivity - team, Project management

    I am specialized in leading virtual projects and setting up the right tools to manage teams to help organizations move faster and improve productivity. (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Implementation Asana, Productivity, Remote team leadership, and Project management

  • Teppei Urabe Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    Project management, Productivity - team, Departmental focus: Product, Asana best practices

    0→1フェーズのWebサービスの新規事業立ち上げ〜事業運営までのシステム化・実現、収益化が得意です。 I am a 0->1 Startups IT consultant. I have worked as a Project Manager for over decade. (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Productivity, EC, Enterprise, Startups, Programming, Team Building, and Program/Project Management

  • Antonio Specchia London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
    Project management, Agile development, Productivity - team, Reporting and data exploration


    We work with: Companies looking for growth, pursuing productivity enhancement, in the need of better outcomes We support: - Digital transformation (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: marketing, agile marketing, startups, business growth, and agile

  • Masanori Misawa Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
    Operational process improvement, Project management, Workflow development, Departmental focus: IT


    ・ITを用いた業務改革(特にプロダクト選定やシステムデザインに興味があります(分野でいうとITインフラ・ミドルウェア(オンプレ、XaaS、etc...)が好き))。 ・上記についてプロジェクト管理の経験があります。 ・未来を感じるガジェットが大好きです。 ・I'm Interested i (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Productivity, Project Management, AI, Cloud, Sleep Tech, Mindfullness, and Communication

  • Aerlie Wildy Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
    Training - virtual/remote, Project management, Operational process improvement, Departmental focus: Business Operations

    Aerlie Wildy

    I’m a Business Systems Strategist & CEO Mentor. I guide small business owners and entrepreneurs to transition from doing #allthethings to having suppo (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Asana for solo entrepreneurs, setting up for outsourcing, and Productivity

  • Danielle Phillips Atlanta, Georgia, United States
    Departmental focus: Design, Project management, Operational process improvement, Workflow development

    Danielle Phillips Consulting

    I work with growing agencies to develop systems and tech stacks that improve workflows and organizational efficiency. (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: SaaS, Visual Design, and UX

  • Jenna Corbett Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
    Agile development, Project management, Operational process improvement, Change management - large teams

    I am a specialist in system improvement and large scale change management. I have worked with tech and finance industries, with my biggest employee cou (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Strategic Change Management, System Improvement, Agile, Fintech, Tech, PaaS, and SaaS

  • Davide Muzzarelli Modena, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
    Asana best practices, Agile development, Departmental focus: Sales, Project management

    WebForce Srl

    Hi, I help companies and startups to leverage Asana for lightweight project management, sales management and team synchronization. The expected resu (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Project Management, Software Development, GTD, and Productivity

  • Lara El Shawa Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Remote working processes, Training - in-person, Goal tracking, Project management

    Nurturing Tanmiya Inc.

    A Chevening alumna, an intrapreneur, and a +10 year development practitioner experienced in women & youth programs, mentorship, social entrepreneurship (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: SocialImpact, TheoryofChange, DesignThinking, and ProjectManagement

  • Josep Maria Martínez Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
    Workflow development, Project management, Productivity - team, Change management - small teams

    AT Infoserveis Consultoría Informática

    PRESENTACIÓN Hola, soy Josep María Martínez, papá orgulloso a tiempo completo de Biel y de Ona, dos pequeños diablillos que han conseguido sacar lo me (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Desarrollo de Flujos de trabajo, Comunicación en equipo, Gestión de proyectos, Gestión de tareas, Gestión de equipos, and Productividad

  • Yaniv Corem Kiryat Tiv'On, HaZafon, Israel
    Strategic planning, Change management - small teams, Training - virtual/remote, Project management


    I’m the Co-Founder and CEO of NUKADIMA, a boutique innovation consulting firm that helps global organizations to design, build, and manage their innova (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Innovation Management, and Innovation Strategy

  • Emily Corley Burlington, Vermont, United States
    Departmental focus: Marketing, Project management, Campaign management, Productivity - team

    Rhapsody Creative

    Brand design and strategy for retailers, farms + small businesses (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: web design and social media management

  • Lindsay Kirsch Buffalo, New York, United States
    Operational process improvement, Departmental focus: Business Operations, Project management, Workflow development

    Lindsay Kirsch LLC

    Lindsay Kirsch is an expert in workflow management and digital marketing strategy. (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: business operations, six sigma, process mapping, and workflow design

  • Ulka Shrikhande Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States
    Project management, Workflow development, Training - virtual/remote, Getting started

    BioBridge Collaboratives

    Available for:
  • Maurice Kaag Lausanne, Vaud, Switzerland
    Productivity - team, Getting started, Workflow development, Project management

    Maurice Kaag

    Available for:
  • Marissa Taffer, PMP Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
    Training - virtual/remote, Departmental focus: Marketing, Change management - large teams, Project management

    M. Taffer Consulting

    I'm a project manager who is well versed in business operations. I have worked with stakeholders and clients to create change in organizations. I help (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Organizational Development, Training, Operations, Marketing, Change Management, Content Creation, Business Development, Digital Marketing, and Project Management

  • Fabio Escobar Miami, Florida, United States
    Productivity - team, Project management, Asana best practices, Departmental focus: Marketing


    I am a business development and marketing professional in the food and beverage industry. I am a consultant at the moment working with REEF Kitchens wh (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: marketing strategy and product launches

  • Fiona Campbell Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
    Workflow development, Getting started, Project management, Departmental focus: Business Operations

    Thought Penny

    I'm a tech-savvy Virtual Assistant helping small business leaders and freelancers who desperately want to turn chaos created by large workloads into cl (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Workflow Establishment and Email Automation

  • Latraila Tolbert Atlanta, Georgia, United States
    Project management, Remote working processes, Departmental focus: Business Operations, Productivity - team

    Essential HER Solutions

    Essential HER Solutions is a fully virtual business. We can help with setting up and managing all of your projects in Asana, teach you and your team to (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Time Management, Productivity, Reading, Baking, Systems, Workflows, and Martial Arts Movies

  • Richard Sather Athens, Attiki, Greece
    Operational process improvement, Project management, Training - in-person, Workflow development

    Studio 7

    As a Senior Architect, apart from designing buildings, I also enjoy designing workflows in Asana for teams & organisations and training them to use Asa (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Project Management, Karting, Typography, Architecture & Design, Bowling, 3D Printing, and Augmented Reality

  • Veronica Baraldi Lisbon, Lisboa, Portugal
    Project management, Workflow development, Departmental focus: Design, Change management - small teams


    Architect, Organisational Designer, Mentor, Traveller (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Leadership, Inclusion Management, Future of Work, and Architecture

  • Shihori Komatsu Suita, Osaka, Japan
    Project management, Remote working processes, Digital marketing

    HackCamp Inc.

    私はフリーランスのwebディレクターとして10年間勤務してきました。 その後株式会社HackCampでフルリモート正社員となり、国や大企業をクライアントとしたイベントや人材育成プログラム等のPMを行なっています。 I have been working as a freelance web d (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: workation, remote working, how women work, and education

  • Daniel Oliveira Porto, Porto, Portugal
    Workflow development, Project management, Remote working processes, Operational process improvement

    Time is the best and only real asset we have. This always pushed me to optimize every day work, trying to make more with less! From one single entrepre (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Strategic planing, Goal Setting, Time management, and Workflow development

  • Kristine Joy Gleyo Angeles City, Central Luzon (Region III), Philippines
    Digital marketing, Training - virtual/remote, Project management, Strategic planning

    Best Adpreneur, QuickPro, CLUBBV Media

    Hello. Call me KJ Gleyo, your Social OMompreneur & Online Consultant, and I help other people improve their businesses and online work through educatin (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Content Creation, Vlogging & Blogging, Life & Online Business Coaching, Promoting Remote Work, Events Management, Domestic Travel for Promotions, and Social Media Marketing

  • Boris Tsibelman New York, New York, United States
    Departmental focus: Finance, Project management, Time management, Workflow development

    We have a knack for helping businesses through these challenging times. Let our expert consultants help define, design, and build-out key processes tha (show more)

    Available for:
  • David Lourenço Filho Braga, Braga, Portugal
    Project management, Time management, Productivity - team, Remote working processes

    DC7 Gestão de Projetos

    Consultant and mentor with more than 30 years of experience. Master degree in Project Management from George Washington University (GWU). Certified as (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Listening, NLP, Coaching, Mentoring, Virtual Team, and Virtual Organization

  • Kristinn Kristinsson Reykjavik, Höfuðborgarsvæðið, Iceland
    Asana best practices, Departmental focus: Engineering, Project management, Remote working processes
    Available for:
  • JJ Ng Melbourne, Australian Capital Territory, Australia
    Agile development, Project management, Strategic planning, Change management - small teams


    At UpHeave, we love to see entrepreneurs taking their passions to solving problems. We will get you up to speed with all the tips, tools, and resource (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Agile, Process Management, Change Management, and Goal Planning

  • Wahid Rouhli Casablanca, Grand Casablanca, Morocco
    Training - virtual/remote, Digital marketing, Remote working processes, Project management


    Je vous aide à sortir des sentiers battus, à développer votre marque personnelle, créer de la valeur avec vos produits, bien optimiser votre productivi (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Remote work, Gestion de temps, Personal branding, GTM, Productivité, and Digital marketing

  • Marquis Murray Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Workflow development, Getting started, Project management, Operational process improvement

    Media Crate

    I help owners and operators build sales & marketing systems using customized processes with the tools we all know & love. (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: blogging, reading, soccer, photography, and bass playing

  • Rein Bautista Cavite, CALABARZON (Region IV-A), Philippines
    Departmental focus: Marketing, Remote working processes, Training - virtual/remote, Project management

    Led a marketing team of 25+ people to drive marketing projects forward - ads, emarketing, content, PR, and creatives. Organized product launches, sales (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Running, Freediving, Marketing Campaigns, Process Optimization, and Ecommerce

  • Marc Bara Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
    Project management, Operational process improvement, Productivity - team, Training - virtual/remote


    I focus on integrating my skillsets and wealth of experience to assist organizations in deploying, operating and optimizing Project Management to meet (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: training, workflows, business processes, productivity, and project management

  • Nicola Giusto Venezia, Veneto, Italy
    Digital marketing, Project management, Departmental focus: Marketing, Strategic planning

    LeftHanded Studio

    I am focused on digital transformation, innovation, strategic marketing and communication. I am a lecturer in Web Marketing and Digital Communication a (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: digital transformation, digital strategy, design thinking, service design, business design, business model, and digital cultures

  • Scott Hampson Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
    Project management, Workflow development, Operational process improvement, Digital marketing


    Discover how and where your business should exist digitally. Maximise your technology. Featurist assists organisations to generate business opportunit (show more)

    Available for:

    Interests: Digital Marketing, Business Process Improvement, and Marketing Automation