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Training - in-person

Pepijn Hoff Randstad, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Project management, Productivity - individual, Asana best practices, Training - in-person

LET’S TALK #WORDPRESS, #SOCIAL #YOURWEBSITE #ASANA 👨‍💻Developer + 🤓Nerd +👨‍💼Entrepreneur 😊Love Socializing, Coffee & Helpful (show more)

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Interests: Todo, Social Media, Development, Time Management, and Productivity

Todd Cavanaugh New York City, New York, United States
Project management, Training - in-person, Training - virtual/remote, Onboarding new users
Project Management Pros

Hi! My name is Todd and I'm the founder of Project Management Pros (formerly Asana Training). I've been training companies in Asana since 2013. Since t (show more)

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Interests: task management, automation, Zapier, integrations, time-tracking, and project management

Paul Grobler Cambridge | Boston | South Africa, Massachusetts, United States
Training - virtual/remote, Training - in-person, Asana best practices, Productivity - individual

I am an instant human, just add coffee and good conversation. With more than ten years of experience managing a variety of projects and teams, I now co (show more)

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Interests: Automation, South Africa, Agile, Scrum, Personal productivity, Getting Things Done (GTD), and NPO support

Ibon Azkoitia Bilbao, País Vasco / Euskal Herria, Spain
Productivity - individual, Getting started, Training - in-person, Workflow development

Welcome to my profile... hope we make this visit productive! I've been working with Asana since 2015 and I'm focused on helping other freelance and (show more)

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Interests: Productivity, integration, automation, and WordPress

Aron Markowitz Brooklyn, New York, United States
Asana best practices, Training - in-person, Training - virtual/remote, Departmental focus: Business Operations
Rethink and Execute Inc.

I am the CEO of "Rethink and Exceute Inc" Setting up Small Business Coordination, by taking the GTD method and customizing it to your company via ASAN (show more)

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Interests: GTD and Getting Thinks Done

Bernd Kopin Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Operational process improvement, Productivity - team, Training - in-person, Asana best practices

BridgeFlow enables companies to do great work. We create systems and workflows for your individual work management needs. We are experts for the leadin (show more)

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Interests: crossfunctional teamwork, workflows, productivity systems, and GTD

Jorge Ruiz Lafuente Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain
Project management, Departmental focus: IT, Training - in-person, Agile development

Management System Consultant in EFOR (management system department) working Implementing different management, production, inventory, accounting, finan (show more)

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Interests: Productivity, Program implementation & Training, and Project management

Julien RENAUD Lyon, France
Productivity - team, Getting started, Training - virtual/remote, Training - in-person

Hi I'm Julien - I have 12 years of team management in several companies - I'm keen of project management and collaboration - I followed numerous tra (show more)

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Interests: Efficiency, Collaboration, Productivity, and Team spirit

Mitch Stanley Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Training - in-person, Workflow development, Digital marketing, Change management - small teams
Stanley Professional Services

Hi! I work with small business across Australia to enable growth through strategic sales, marketing, project management and transformation services. (show more)

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Interests: Project Management, Partnership, Content Marketing, Productivity, Automation, Small Business, and Collaboration

Honza Páv Prague, Czechia
Training - in-person, Departmental focus: Marketing, Change management - small teams, Asana best practices

I help small teams to work seamlessly no matter what kind of work they do. My role is to guide them through a mindset shift – from a chaos to organized (show more)

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Interests: Rugby, Designthinking, Business, and Internet technology

Gabriel Fagundes São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Getting started, Project management, Training - in-person, Training - virtual/remote
L3 Software

Hello, my name is Gabriel, I work on the L3 Software partnership department. Since I started working there they asked me to start exploring Asana. I (show more)

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Interests: Productivity, Project Management, Presentation, Implementation, Get Started, and Tranning

Guillermo Alger Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Training - in-person, Getting started, Departmental focus: Finance, Asana best practices
afp partners

How can we help you: Asana set up, team training, integrations and automation. Learn how to get more out of Asana and ensure your successful adoption (show more)

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Interests: Finance

Lara El Shawa Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Remote working processes, Training - in-person, Goal tracking, Project management
Nurturing Tanmiya Inc.

A Chevening alumna, an intrapreneur, and a +10 year development practitioner experienced in women & youth programs, mentorship, social entrepreneurship (show more)

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Interests: SocialImpact, TheoryofChange, DesignThinking, and ProjectManagement

Alvina Quek Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Operational process improvement, Getting started, Departmental focus: Design, Training - in-person

Asana has been with me on every project & virtually every other aspect of my special kind of crazy and a favourite member of my family. I ca (show more)

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Interests: My Next Travel & Scrumptious Discovery & the Written Word

Richard Sather Athens, Attiki, Greece
Operational process improvement, Project management, Training - in-person, Workflow development
Studio 7

As a Senior Architect, apart from designing buildings, I also enjoy designing workflows in Asana for teams & organisations and training them to use Asa (show more)

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Interests: Project Management, Karting, Typography, Architecture & Design, Bowling, 3D Printing, and Augmented Reality

Csikós Tamás Budapest, Budapest, Hungary
Digital marketing, Asana best practices, Onboarding new users, Training - in-person
ITM Creative Group Ltd

Our company is focus on small and mid size businesses to help them in complete online presence from start to winning end. We are creating and managing (show more)

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Interests: Productivity, Sales & Marketing Management, Process Development, and Project Management

Daniel Romero Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico
Onboarding new users, Remote working processes, Training - virtual/remote, Training - in-person

I help companies to educate their team work in Asana and how to connect it with other collaboration apps. I can help you find new market opportunities (show more)

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Interests: Marketing, UI, UX, Networking, Video, Audio, and Collaboration